Welcome to Ingenionics

“Where integrated expertise provides solutions to your real time problems”

INGENIONICS is a specialist consultancy service providing comprehensive information management solutions for the international constructiond1 industry. If you are looking to effectively improve your competitiveness then INGENIONICS can help you.

INGENIONICS significantly reduces your management effort by mobilizing the power of artificial intelligence. Starting from the data capture of geographical information to providing project control feedback, INGENIONICS adopts an integrated life cycle approach and uses this information for each and every stage of the management processes - from feasibility study to operations and maintenance of large infrastructure projects. Information, once captured, is stored in the database and used for a multitude of applications. There is no need to develop separate software systems or re-work the information; INGENIONICS takes the hard work out of data management. In short the output from one stage is systematically used as the basis for the next stage of development and analysis using the MATRICS data model.

Total management - comprehensive data base administration
Total precision - 3D photogrammetric data capture
Total resource control - RFID technology for site resources data collection
Total Management - internet based process software support

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